Muzykanty odnogo polka (1965)

Muzykanty odnogo polka (1965)

 Konstantin Adashevsky ... Mokry

Igor Gorbachyov  

Nikolay Lukinov  

Aleksandr Melnikov ... Musician

Based on a book by Leonid Lyubashevsky Musician's team. 

In one of the cities of the Russian North a small team of musicians 
under the influence of a young Bolshevik underground worker Ilyutinskogo
 goes to the Soviet side. Funny adventures of the Civil War in the 
performance of well-known actors of the Soviet cinema.

Duration: 01:20:58
Videoformat: 688x512 01:20:58 25fps XviD 1.7Mbps
Audioformat: 48KHz 01:20:58 Stereo 128Kbps mp3 


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